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I played the web version, and the shattered ceramic if you get enough(3+) they kill the enemies so fast they are ghosts (Invincible but can still attack), And if you get a shit ton(6+) of the shattered, your game just breaks, so warning I think 5 is the limit

Actually, its the really high amount of projectiles that causes the lag, for example, if i have a really high rate of fire, from 3 times gattlingun item + high rate of fire in general + homing + ricochet, picking the shattered shot item even once can crash the game when fighting the wollum toad and its 4 minions.

Those ghosts enemies are invisible, not invincible, by shooting at the position from which the ghost fires, you can kill them, fortunately only ranged enemies can become ghosts. 

Also in the wetlands levels, where enemies are the most likely to become ghosts, the floor is covered in water, which gets disturbed when the player and most enemies move, making it easier to figure out where to aim at, and the only flying enemy shoots constantly behind itself when moving, which gives away its position.

Sorry about that bug, hoping to have a chance to fix it soon

I really love the vibe of the swamp area, and I wish every area felt like that

Perfection cannot be improved upon? False. Forebloomed just got an update.

the magnet plant doesn't work at all since you fixed the glitch, please fix it so it works but doesn't delete enemy attacks. please.

(2 edits)

The magnet plant works, it makes enemy projectile slower until they are not moving anymore and than they are moving away from you, faster enemy projectile require more magnet plants.

For example, in the first world the pinkish tumor like thing with tentacles that fires projectiles that destroys hedges? 2 magnet plants will slows those shots and than makes them move away from you.

about 5-6 magnet plants makes things a bit easier, in regards to ranged enemies.

I do agree that the repelling effect could be stronger, not as strong as it was when picking it up once fully repelled any projectile, but it needs a buff, to be able to repel most projectiles after a distance of 3-4 hedges, if the magnet plant is picked up 3-4 times.

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I have 3 things to say about this new update.

1. I like that the bomb pods now no longer require me to be in close range to work, that was the main problem.

2. The new class sucks, loosing all but one hearts on hit, regardless of how many i have, including temporary ones, sucks.

The swains power is terrible, sacrificing almost all my hearts, including temporary ones for some gold is not good, the new classes weapon is a flower boomerang, what if the swains power was, for the shots to home in to the position im aiming, for a short time? Also, reducing the cost to empty only one heart.

Requiring to move the opposite direction in which i aim to get any serious range with my shots is an awkward and awful design.

3. In the wetland levels, the snails with the red spiked shells are awful.

They destroy hedges with their shots, revealing enemies, including more snails, making any well planed advance futile, unless i have so much firepower that i can wreck any boss in a couple of seconds.

But also, when they die they release those annoying dark greenish worms that are rather easy to overlook and if i kill a group of 5 or 6 snails at the same time, if i have high firepower it seems like each snail dies multiple times in a single instant, because they will spawn so many worms, that the game starts lagging.

The wetlands utilizing the first 2 bosses is an interesting idea, except that those bosses are the same size.

With the boss of the first world, the katydid is fine, since it has roughly the same size as me if i dont pick up items that make me smaller, but the boss of the second world, the scolopendra is way too huge for the wetlands map and doesn't even fit color palette wise.

A fully sized huge enemy that is brightly  golden like the scolopendra popping out of a single hedge in a rather dark colored level is not so good.

Also, if i have high firerate, multiple projectiels per shot and also bomb pods, shooting the scolopendra will lag the game so bad, that i have to restart, atleast if i play in browser.

I hope that wall of text is not too much.

This is a lot of great feedback

A lot of the things here I can fix without too much hassle

I agree that Swain needs a rework however, the health system isn’t very fun and was kind of rushed

I’ll try and fix all of these this weekend if I can 

I have an idea for  a class, a mushroom that could have the name cordy, a reference to Ophiocordyceps that infects and mind controls insects.

That mushrooms ability would be, to empty a heart, or if the player has only temporary hearts, to spend one, to revive a killed enemy as a zombie to fight, kill, take damage and die for the player.

That former enemy would color swap the pallet, to avoid confusion and would not leave the player until either it, or the player dies.

Also, when reviving a boss enemy, the former enemy boss would shrink down, to regular enemy size.

Is there a special way to kill the sharks, or do I just need more damage?

You’ll need a very heavy amount of damage yeah 

ok melee character is overpowered when given a single burst pot, and like fifty of those hose things that lessen damage alot but up lower the cooldown of your slash. so you just rapid slash while dealing tons of damage. Using rage mode you can shred any boss in seconds. ITS SO OP!

I dont know if this is a feature or a bug, but alocasia's arrows boomerang back causing some very broken combs late game. for example i have gotten to 52527 kill (im still playing this run) and 110827 coins/bugs. Sorry if im wrong but many thanks anyway and its a great game overall, thank you

Also the magnet makes the enemies bullets not move at all

Weird I thought I fixed this bug, I’ll take another look at it thanks 

(1 edit)

thanks for looking at it!

If its the magnet plant that makes enemy bullets not move, thats because it has 2 attributes, one that increases the distance from which hearts and golds are pulled towards the players and the second one, that is supposed to work against enemy bullets, it literally says "repel pest shots", that sentence used to mean nothing, now it works, the problem is, that its way too strong.

If it only decreased the speed of enemy shots to some degree every time when picked up, instead of fully negating it, it would be a good item.

Yeah that’s the intended effect, haven’t had a chance to fix it in a while but I hope to soon 

(1 edit)

Thanks for removing the nerf on the bloodccoli.

The cholas new ability rage mode is better than the previous shield ability, but sadly, the extra damage becomes after a while obsolete.

Because items that increase the rate and items that increase the damage both already make the attacks rather powerfull on their own.

There are a lot less items that increase range, what if, the cholas ability was to temporary double the swords range?

Since the sword can reflect shots to kill enemies with, what if that was more utilisied?

For example killing a small enemy with a reflected shot causes the dead enemy to drop a temporary heart, that lasts until the player leaves the level and since every boss enemy shoots ranged shots, what if a boss killed with a reflected shot dropped an additional item?

That would reward the player for being patient and using a little bit of strategy, waiting for the enemy to make the first move, rather than go into the fight guns blazing.

Also, i wish there was an item in chests and the shop that allowed me to see the blood pools from far away, by pointing arrows?

This game has quite a lot of bugs tbh

Can you let me know which ones you've seen so I can get rid of them?

Beetles, centipedes, bees

The new update is interesting and i want to point out 5 things.

1. The wollum toad only takes damage when it turns orange/red, giving the boss a shielding bubble as a visual indicator that its temporary invincible would make it easier for players to recognize when to wait until the enemie becomes vulnerable to damage.

2. That nerf to the bloodccoli was unnecessary, if you really think that its OP, change the ranged bullets into short ranged melee attacks.

3. The baby carrots seem weaker, both the upside of more accuracy when standing still and the downside of less accuracy when moving.

4. I like that every class has an ability, except the ability of the Chola, the shield seems to end a little bit before the ability is fully on recharge. Was the Cholas immunity to bombs removed?

5. I like how the boss of the second world, the Cholopendra tries to encircle me, actually using its length as an asset.

Thanks this is great feedback!

I appreciate all the help you've been!

I'll get to work on those suggestions

(1 edit)

The Brute force item is terrible, if i pick it up, im using the key to open up chests, regardless if i could afford them with the gold or not.

Thats aweful, it would be way better if it only used up keys to open normal chests if the player cant afford to use gold to open them.

Also i have an idea for an item that shows nearby sacrifical pools with a red arrow pointing to them, named "Bloodhound".

That’s a pretty good item idea

I’ll see it I’m able to make it

The brute force item now is usable, nice.

Sadly for some reason the final boss, the wollum toad is not affected by my attacks, my shots pass trough, dealing no damage, even after i killed the 4 other enemies in the arena.

Oh weird I’ll take a look into that thanks 

(3 edits)

Now it seems the increase of rate of fire when picking the dandelion is lower, still high, but not too high, now its balanced. The shots dont look very floaty. Nevermind, forgot that i picked up items that make my shots faster, lol. The dandelion item is balanced.

(1 edit)

The dandelion item is a little too strong, if i pick it up once i already get a good firerate, but if i pick it a second time, i get a machinegun. It feels like that item doubles my current rate of fire.

I think the downside "floaty shots" is supposed to decrease how fast my shots move? It does nothing.

For some reason i cant fire when playing as alocasia, the bow doesnt charges the shot.

Just fixed!
Also a new character! 


It works, thanks.

Also the new characters ability is like the bomb pods, but actually useful for combat, not only because they work when i want them to but also because it acts like a shield when not used, really nice.

I have discovered why all the bees are dying. There's this potted succulent going around with a gun

When the golden bugs combine they just disappear. Love the update though. 

(3 edits)

What if Camelias duplicate ability could be used on items in the store, although both the original item and its duplicate would have to be bought separately, allowing the user to buy an item for the shop twice.

or maybe the duplicated one is free but the other isnt, you have to save the charge from one floor to the shop , meaning that the floor before the shop duplicate wasnt used on

The two new items, the broccoli and the fake broccoli do nothing they only appear in the chill area where the merchant is, even if i take the broccoli item outside the area with the merchant, nothing happens.

Just released an update which fixes this and makes Cholla immune to bombs


It works, nice, finally a way to use the bomb pods.

bomb pods with the sword guy makes you basically lose the run, it explodes sometimes when you hit stuff, hurting you, id either make the explosions weaker but not damage you, or make them only activate on bullets

Another idea is, to give the class with the sword the ability to do a stab by pressing Q that hits only what directly is aimed and what is behind the target with twice range with the center of the explosion from bomb pods to be the farthest away hit enemy/hedge

Instead of hitting the targeted enemy and nearby enemies/hedges left and right, it hits the targeted enemy/hedge and enemies/hedge farther behind the front target.

That would allow to use the bomb pods without having to take selfdamage.

This game has got a lot more content and changes over the few weeks it has been up, and it is truly a game you could lose many hours to. I have found a lot of fun in completing all the achievements and doing self-imposed challenges. There is also a looping system for anyone who really wants a power fantasy. Anytime I have started to get board of the game, new content for it comes out.

I have put a good 30ish hrs into this game so far, which should speak a lot for a game that's been out for such a short time.

why cant my ranged attacks pierce hedges, no matter how many pierce items i take, even the arrows from the new classes Alocasia cant pierce them.

(1 edit)

Pierce no longer works on hedges, it was too overpowered so it only works on enemies now

(3 edits)

well for normal shots that makes sense, but why does this includes arrows from Alocasia?

Isnt shooting arrows that pierce everything that classes thing?

What if the piercing scaled with charge, so the more a shot is charged, the more hedges the arrows pierces?

Also maybe the reason that piercing was so overpowered was, that shots pierced hedges, regardless if the shot did enough damage to destroy the previous hedgde. What if shots would only pierce and go trough hedges if the shots damage is higher than the hedges health?

I keep dying when the bosses freeze me, Like bruh, i beat the boss but I still die.

What do you mean by freezing? 
Thanks for playing by the way 

When it shows the boss dying, It doesn't let me control the character but the boss's projectiles still hit me.

I'll fix that, thanks for telling me

amazing game after all this time i finally found my new entertainment first day unlocked 2nd and last chars as soon as i figured out how to play i whipped out the mouse so i dont need to use my school chromebooks crappy track pad

I’m glad you like it!

Join the discord if you want to know more about the development:

Before update: wow, 200 dps in the second loop is hard to get.     

After update: wow, 20000+ dps in the second loop, that's below average.

Thanks for updating the game Cloudy. Also I have a few suggestions if you want to hear them 

of course! 

You can let me know on the discord:

Personally I find that it was much ezer to get god runs even by the end of the first loop in older versions, and the shop nerf on the current version helps make god runs harder.

This is an amazing game, I looped 4 times and killed 1648 Pests, top tier

Thanks so much!

Check out the discord if you're interested in keeping up with development

After all these years... Finally, I found the perfect game.

Oh thank you so much!

A new update is coming out in a few moments 

I hope you enjoy!

can u make test of the game ? test have full all item inf golf inf health

The centipede boss is not fun. I've had it run straight into me from out of view and then circle around me into a death spiral that was impossible to escape.

I’ll work on fixing him

Thanks for playing 

Same. I keep telling Scolipendro "This isn't, dude!", but he doesn't listen.

Yeah, once you get enough peas to start EARNING money by buying items, it snowballs FAST:D I think I was getting a couple hundred dollars everytime I bought an item:D

And it gets LOUD when you are firing 50-100 homing shots per second with ricochet and a couple dozen pierce:D

that's a lotta damage

oh my god lmao, did you get so many peas the items had negative costs? That’s amazing

Good game, but I think the initial role is way stronger than the others.


pro tip: if you ever find yourself snowballing with the items to a point that you start to insta kill enemies without even aiming at them, stop. Please for the love of god stop. Your game will crash. Trust me, I found this out the hard way.


Alas, if only I had read the comments first.  Furthermore, even if your game doesn't crash beware the deafening cacophony of your explosive shots overlapping each other and somehow exceeding all reasonable volume checks.


I’ll look into that, thanks for playing 

It was fun, I hope you continue to develop the game.

Thanks for playing!

I've actually worked on both of your suggestions and have been making updates every day

If you'd like to see what I've added/changed you can follow the development on the discord:

nice game

Oh my god thank you so much, this was a lot of fun to watch and very useful feedback

Im releasing an update later today which will have more quality of life features and heavily heavily reduce the difficulty of the bosses

I also released an update yesterday which added clearer item descriptions, descriptions in the shop, a new teleporter and more chests

Thanks for playing!

ThanK you for watching I will play the game again in order to defeat the second boss

hey I played the game it is super easy I played it off camera make the game little harder will you

Fun and unique experience.

On my second run though, I got incredibly overpowered and the game seemed to start multiplying my items (even though I didn't have the item that does that) Eventually enemies and enemy bullets barely moved and my bullets were so fast, they were invisible. Resulted in a game crash.

Besides that: overall great experience.

Nice Game ........................


(1 edit)

Fun little game, has a few crashes I found when picking up some items. Definitely a project I'll check in on and play when i have some time to kill 


Thanks, yeah still trying to figure out those crashes

Im glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Thank you for making it. I now have a few hrs of experience and I have found a few more bugs, I am not sure the proper way to be polite about this as I am not usually someone who comments on games, so I will just list them. 

If the player is missing only one heart and 2 hearts happen to be next to each other, both hearts get consumed 

The first boss can get stuck in a wall, when it happened to me, I was still able to shoot them, but they could not shoot me 

I think there is a visual bug with valuable bullets where a kinda ghost tile will occur, but I am not 100% on that 

The item that looks like a ladybug crashes the game (shame because it looks like it would do something cool) 

Alright Ill get to work on solving those, thanks for telling me

What did you mean by ghost tile? 
As in one of the hedges was sort of transparent? 

(1 edit)

this may have just been a qurik of the build I had, but it seemed as tho a tile would be destroyed and make the noise but it would still appear on the screen  until shot at again, then it would instantly break despite me not having one shot damage. The game was a bit chaotic so I could be mistaken. 

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