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An action rogue-like about garden plants facing off against hungry pests.

Spend the day exploring the zones and hunting for loot, but watch out for when night falls... beware the Astral Sharks!

Find gold by destroying hedges, but be aware that you may find some unwanted pests instead!

Collect lots of synergetic items, blast through challenging bosses and unlock a slew of different characters with various playstyles!

Brande new:

Forebloomed: Evergreen Edition!

New character, items, balance overhaul, hard mode, cosmetics, seeds, new bosses and more!

Roadmap for future content coming soon!

Check out the steam page here:



80+ items!

4 worlds!

Lots of bosses!

8 completely unique characters

70+ achievements!

Tight, high action gameplay!


Check out the discord to keep up with development!


If you like the game make sure to leave a nice rating!

Enjoy! Thanks for playing!


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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ForebloomedWin (3).zip 178 MB
ForebloomedLinux v1.0.1.zip 193 MB
ForebloomedMac v1.0.1.zip 187 MB
ForebloomedWin v1.0.1.zip 178 MB
ForebloomedLinux v1.0.2.zip 193 MB
ForebloomedMac v1.0.2.zip 187 MB
ForebloomedWin v1.0.2.zip 178 MB
ForebloomedLinux v1.0.3.zip 193 MB
ForebloomedMac v1.0.3.zip 187 MB
ForebloomedWin v1.0.3.zip 178 MB
ForebloomedLinux v1.0.4.zip 193 MB
ForebloomedMac v1.0.4.zip 187 MB
ForebloomedWin v1.0.4.zip 178 MB
ForebloomedLinux v1.0.5.zip 193 MB
ForebloomedMac v1.0.5.zip 187 MB
ForebloomedWin v1.0.5.zip 178 MB

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why is it not free anymore

The game is entering a new stage where it will be a paid purchase.

But the game is coming to Steam and with a load of new content, QOL and overall improvements.

Check out the Steam page here:


A roadmap for all future content will be released soon as well

there is still a free version on gamejolt

Cool game!!

Captain springleaf might need a few clarifications/fixes to be a bit more viable in my opinion:

  • Mainly, there are quite a lot of things the aiderbots cannot target, like the red/yellow/green crystals, which isn't too bad as you can just manouver the crystals to be between the bots and a hedge they would otherwise shoot at, but the real problem with their targeting is that in the wallum toad fight they can't target the other enemies which makes the fight way harder because you basically have to stand inside the enemies to shoot them, so you always get hit by the deathrattle.
  • Also, the whole shock damage system is kinda confusing, i'd always assumed that it added damage to your laser but it doesn't damage the dummy, so what does it actually do?

Thanks for the feedback, I’m working on a pretty massive update right now so this is valuable info. I’ll work on making sure the aiderbots target the correct entities and find a way to explain shock damage

But until then, enemies inflicted by shock take extra damage from aiderbots. I can’t remember if it’s an addition or multiplier but the more shock you have the more bonus damage you get

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the explanations

is too dorlors now o.o

In the power couple challenge, is it intentional that your gold and keys reset each level, and hp resets to base camellia, because if not we have a bug?

That sounds like a bug yeah, thanks for letting me know

I thought that there was no max to HP, I was going to get 100% dodge with swain, but now I capped at 85%. Still an easy cursed tree and perfect week achievement

whirling death

also way too much pollen, I am basically invincible, though my damage is not great

whirling death 2.0. In my opinion Wollum and conqueror are endurance battles, which makes swain my new favorite character, also I like his shruiken boomerangs and the shopkeeper's dislike of him.

crash report:

Whenever I have two spirits of the tree and 5 charges and I fire Jack's missile, the game will crash 90% of the time, 

the projectile is literally the size of the screen, and the frame that it launches the game crashes

(1 edit)

fix trestles plus Jack, it turns it into a 0.05 dmg machine gun rather than triple shotgun

I reached loop 3 but didn't unlock swain (loop 3 1-1)

I’ll take a look at those bugs, thanks for letting me know

Thx because back on the 3.1 patch I really liked messing with swain using range up items, I also find it hilarious how large cholla's sword gets when you have the birdhouse rage buff up.

(1 edit)

Bugged or not, I have my way to unlock swain, wooden bones plus jack, but I did a blood sacrifice, meaning i now have 0HP, meaning I am always maxed and getting the buff

(edit) I now realize that I'm kind of stupid for having 0 health from the blood sacfrifice, but I got an aloe from wollum toad 1, so I'm fine on the way to loop 2

(edit edit) BRO I GOT SHATTER SHOTS ON JACK AND IT SHATTERS THE MISSILES! I can now raze the earth with 1 missile

got to loop 7 then suicided to try out swain

Good game



This game would be so much fun if it had multiplayer

that would be pretty cool! Although I've heard that creating online multiplayer specifically, can be pretty difficult. I'm not sure about local multiplayer though, perhaps it's simpler? Idk XD


local multiplayer would be interesting

I love this game!!! Nicely done


Thanks, I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

(1 edit)

I kinda like the new universe update, Being able to see what hedges have coins is nice, but not being able to download this game for free is meh, atleast there is the webversion to play this game for free.

Im not a fan of being unable to use the duplicate ability on item dropped by bosses in the boss levels.

Also a way to increase the damage dealt by the rockoli would be really nice as currently the rockoli is weaker than the bloodcoli in every aspect, it needs a way to become useful


orbitals are fun

the game freezes when i go to the first shop for some reason

(1 edit)

The problem with the firewood item is, that the only way to set a hedge on fire is, if i hit the hedge with a bullet and only if the hedge survives the hit, if instead any damage dealt to hedges set them on fire, that would make for an interesting synergy with venus, the item that allows me to deal damage hedges by directly touching them.

A very situational but a synergy nonetheless.

I misunderstood what the item venus does.

Also what if, destroying a hedge would cause adjacent hedges to catch fire?

That way the item firewood would be useful, even if i can already 1shot hedges.

Also the game is prone to lagging, if im firing with high rate of fire past the first loop.

I love this game, the items are fun and the game play is engaging but I cant figure out how to unlock the pumpkin character. it says to "Beat Halloween" to unlock but I can't figure out what that means.

Thanks so much! 
To unlock Jack you must beat the Halloween challenge in “challenges”

The challenge is unlocked by beating the game for the first time

Good luck! 

(1 edit)

I like that the item that was supposed to increase damage after hitting a hedge, even though i never noticed a difference, now noticeably increases my rate of fire after i hit a hedge.

Most of the new items are ok, avocrito, membership and patricks clover are nice is nice, sunflower is ok.

Firewood and that new item that says that it allows my shots to eat trough hedges are meh, hedges have usually way less health than the actual enemies.

I have a suggestion for both items.

Since firewood is normally used to fuel fire, wich produces light, what if picking up the firewood item increased how far i can see when its dark?

And for the new item that allows to eat trough hedges, slightly increasing my chance for chests would be better.

I dont know what bismuth flower and venus do since i didnt find them.

Is there a wiki? I would greatly appreciate details on how different upgrades stack such as the sunflower.

If you join the discord we are currently working on a tool for checking item effects and values, more than half the items in the game are currently viewable so far

And of course feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

love the uniqueness of the characters and play style

Thanks a ton! 

I like that the extra miniguns from the minigun item now aim at the position of my crosshair.

Increasing the damage that the rockolli does on hit is also nice, its just that, no matter how many damage increasing items i pickup, unlike shots from the bloodcolli, the damage per hit stays the same.

Also the item that is supposed to increase the power of status effects, has no effect on the poison status effect.

The new item that increases my damage in exchange for making enemy shots faster is ok, but its model when shown in the shop is way too big.

Thumbtacks large sprite should be fixed in v3.2.3b

Let me know if it somehow isn't fixed

Thanks for the feedback

The sprite size is fixed, its now normal sized.

sir when I started playing the game today I held the mouse down to rabid fire but it didn't work and I have to tap the mouse to shoot so can you please fix that as tapping to mouse to shoot slowly is useful to kill the pests that move around but holding the mouse to rapid fire is useful for killing pests that don't move that much.


I’m testing out a new feature where you press shoot instead of hold it

Once you reach a high enough firerate however it will become automatic again

The hope is to make shooting feel more engaging, fun and use more skill 

Let me know what you think after a bit more playtime 

(4 edits) (-1)

It is stupid because the only way I can gain enough fire rate quick enough is by picking up the fire hose which means I will have to sacrifice my damage for automatic shooting and it is also to kill pests mainly if they stay still because the pink worms are easily killed with automatic shooting but is harder to kill them just by tapping to should only be for pests that move around so this new feature if you can even call it that is a disgrace to this game so if you still want me to play it which I do just about everyday remove this feature for the sake of this game. Also do you understand how much harder it is to get a perfect run with no hits it made it over ten times harder then it already was so change it back to be able to switch from non-automatic shooting and automatic shooting when ever you feel like it. Also it is easier to get hit now. Also it makes it extremely harder to beat the second boss without getting hit which is already hard as it is to beat the second boss.


I’ll be bringing it back later today I think

I’ll try having tap shooting be an optional mechanic for slightly higher firerate 

Do not bring that back just keep it the same because it will just mess it up either way.


The idea of non-automatic fire is actually interesting, it just needs to have benefits.

For extra damage when not spamming shots with full rate of fire, for example.

If i can fire full auto two shots per second for 2 damage per hit, if i intentionally only fire once per second, each shot will deal 4,5 damage per hit.

Full automatic fire against enemies with low health and non-automatic fire against enemies with high health.

Or non-automatic fire having higher chances for effects from items like the bombpods to work, or applying stronger versions of poison to enemies.

Does this game update automatically or do I have to update it manually

If you play on browser it will automatically update but if you download the game (recommended) then you’ll have to redownload the game each update 


This game is incredibly fun! My only complaint is that there is no way to check what an item does after you have picked it up. Besides that, I love this game!

Thanks so much! 

In the version 3.2, i like the new rocket item that allows to shoot seeker rockets that are always homing into the position of my cursor.

Also when beating a boss, the first item dropped is the same all the time and its the second item that gets randomized, thats actually a good middle ground between the older versions where all the loot drops from the boss are randomized, and the new versions, where all the items that the boss drops on death always stay the same.

Both the item that increases the power of status effects and the item that increases the duration of status effects are neat.


(2 edits)

The 6 new items are interesting, especially the item that gives me an extra weapon to fire with, although since the extra weapons shots are aiming in the same direction im aiming at, rather than aiming at the same place im aiming at, the item requires to pick up enough homing items to the point where aiming becomes obsolete, to make best use of those gattling guns, i like that the shots from the item mirror the attributes of my main guns shots, (damage per attack, attacks per shot, shots per second, etc etc). The item that gives extra gattling guns is ok.

The item that increases my shots accuracy is nice too.

For some reason the magnet plants attribute to repel enemy shots has no affect on enemy shots, at one point in my after my 3rd loop when i picked up the ability upgrade item already around 7 times, i used the duplicate ability to duplicate the magnet plant as often as i could, even after picking the item up 8 times (the original item and its 7 duplicates), it had no affect.

The rockoli needs a buff, at best, its useless, and at worse the rockoli make the performance of the bloodcoli worse, because since it doesnt blocks enemy shots, each rockoli acts like a gap in my ring of bloodcolis trough wich enemy shots can slip trough.

 If the damage of the rockoli was increased by my own shots damage, instead of staying at only 0,2 damage per hit, just like the shots with the bloodcoli, the rockoli might be usefull.

I like the challenge with the nuclear shots.

I like that the items in the shop now include the poppy flower, the new range increasing item and the ability power increasing item.

Sadly, the shop has only 4 item slots and 3 heart slots and each item gets refilled only twice.

Since the shop can have so many different items, 2 rows of items, 4 items per row and 4 slots for buying hearts would be nice.

Also i remember when the cholla, the class with the sword was able to 1shot bees and other low health enemies at the beginning, than the damage was nerfed to require 2 hits, but than you nerfed the damage further, now the initial damage is too low, please re-increase it.

Also when i pick up enough items that increase my range as the cholla, below a certain range, my attacks no longer hit targets, something to close that minimum range would be nice.

And an item that decreases spread, not only when im standing still, but also when im moving would be nice too.

Thanks for the feedback! 

this is the best roguelike i have played yet on itch io, with a fun item system, broken abilities with a balanced system, also, HOW THE HE** are you supposed to get past even level 1 of endless, let alone the 3 loops? (even with camila the bountiful i get blasted into dust by endless)

Thanks that’s really kind! 

I’ll look into making endless easier, it’s definitely received a heavy increase in difficulty since v3.0

Do you think the difficulty is coming from enemies/bosses/tiles having too much hp, not getting enough hp, too many bullets to avoid and/or prices being too high?

Thanks for playing!

i think that the hedge health is fine, then again i did have pretty large damage, but its really the prices and bullets. the HP ramp on enemies is also i think at a good level for the first loop

i found out how to get to loop 3, just started loop 2, u need to get an OP springleaf build and then just not charge ur bots, collecting cursed items still gives u some power spikes, but no shoot, no absurd bullet hell that is endless mode when u use springleaf

i got bomber and swain, bomber isn't that great B/C he can kill himself with bombs, but swain, with his unique HP mechanics and boomerang has insane potential, i just need to be lucky enough to unleash that potential

potential unleashed, made it to concheror, but the big boi crab, no matter how much i tried, cannot die to the rangs

(1 edit)

In the 3.0 version, I like the new item that upgrades my classes ability and 2 of the new enemies, that spawn small enemies.

I really dislike the Blue octopus enemy that constantly shoots at me, the other enemies that fire more than one shot in a short time at me have atleast a cooldown between their barrages and/or spread, and the new enemies that fire shots that are groups of bullets are annoying, as those shots can somehow bypass even a circle of broccolis.

Also i really hate that when i kill a boss, if press escape, click on exit and than click on continue, the boss drops the same items, no matter how many times i do that, the main loot that the boss drops, never changes, sometimes there is a second item that has a chance to be dropped.

Also, for some reason, items that increase how many bullets/attacks i fire per shot, those items decrease my shots range and if i have a high ammount of bullets per shot, than homing seems to do nothing.

The new enemies fire shots that are for some reason immune to the magnet plants shot repelling attribute, no matter how many of that item i pick up.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get to work on these
I'm hoping to have a new version later today 

Fortunately its only the web version that has the freezing problems, the download version is fine, i think chrome doesn't likes the game.

(4 edits)

The new version is, atleast for me, less stable.

When i press the escape button and press on quit and try to go continue, to restart the level, because of no good items from bosses, or not finding good loot from chests.

There is a good chance that my game freezes and crashes.

Either at the screen that says "press any key", or after pressing any key, or after clicking on continue, or in the shop level.

In my second loop in the wetlands, my game has very good chances to freeze and crash for no reason.

That's really strange, I'll look into it soon

The fact it's happening seemingly at random times is alarming 

What if every class had an exclusive item, not only springleaf?

For Thicket an item to slightly increase the abilities range and reduce the cool down by half a second.

For Camellia allow the repeated use of the ability to duplicate, but every time after the first time empties one heart with only the first use per level being for free.

For Cholla item to actually increase the range of the attacks, each time its picked up, like a sword lily.

Because even after finding and picking it up 3 times in a level and several times before and after, the range did not increased even a tiny bit.

For Alocasia, an item that, each its picked up, increases how much mobility is not lost when, using the ability to heal.

I still remember when that ability cut my mobility in half, instead of fully removing my movement.

For Jack, an item that increases the maximum amount of flames that can be carried at the same time.

And for Swain, an item to decrease how many hearts are emptied and how many temporary hearts are removed when taking damage.

Whats the point of having 4 hearts and 4 temporary hearts, if a single hit leaves me with literally only one heart?

FINALLY UNLOCKED THE NEW CHARACTER and i have no idea how to use it without dying repeatedly.

(2 edits)

The first time i played with the springleaf in the new 2.9.4 version i thought that the laser now can deal a tiny bit of damage, its on the second play trough, that i realised that its the shattered shot item that allows the laser to deal damage.

Not only does the shots no longer cause those chain reactions that overwhelmes the game, causing lag and ghost versions of certain enemies to spawn in.

Now the laser that normally deals not damage, can deal damage, just like in the toxic laser challenge. 

Improving 2 things by changing a single item, awesome.

Also thanks for listening to my ideas and suggestions.

No problem, glad to hear the game is back to being more stable and bug free

I really appreciate the feedback as well!  

Also the version on crazy games isn't getting updated as fast.

Yeah there’s nothing I can do about that, it needs to be approved by a QA team

I’ll announce in the discord when it gets updated 

There are 3 things in regard to poison that i have to say.

1. I really like the toxic laser challenge, i wish i could get the unique item that allows the laser to destroy hedges outside the challenge.

2.What if the poison item was buffed?

For example, after picking it up the first time, every additional time its picked up, not only does the damage gets increased, but also the duration of the poison gets increased a little bit?

Maybe even make it that the poison item increases the damage and the duration for the bloodgrass item?

3. What if the plant disease item would cause the poison effect to spread among nearby enemies, like the ricochet item, but only for the poison effect?

3rd world boss Loop 2 on wen version freezes and i can't get any further

(4 edits)

What if shattered shot was changed in the way that amount of shots that are spawned on hit are tied to how many times the player picks the item up in that run?

If i pick the item up only once, every shot that hits a hedge or enemy would spawn one additional shot, if i pick up the shattered shot a second time, on hit two additional shots would be spawned and so on.

The problem with shattered shot is, that shots will not only destroy hedges but also multiply them self, causing a chain reaction that can wreck easily dozens of hedges AND kill all the enemies that were revealed by the destruction of said hedges. It looks like its slef multiplying sometimes, i might be wrong.

In the first loop that is not a problem yet, except in the wetlands level with that red snail that spawns worms on death, the snail gets spawned in and dies so fast, spawning much more worms than normal, which all instantly die.

Combined with the chain reaction like destruction of way too many hedges way too fast and the death of anything that hid inside them, the game starts lagging and  the game forgets to delete enemies once they die.

Past the first loop when more enemies hide in the hedges, it gets worse, to the point that the game freezes and sometimes crashes.

Hey, this game is awesome!! I loved the graphics and the controls. It's well-balanced and just super satisfying destroying the walls and finding out what's beneath them. I first played it on CrazyGames.

I have a similarish game, and I'd love to hear your opinion https://beorgames.itch.io/hero-battle-fantasy-arena.

i tried to play the new update and all my save data was gone (i play online cuz chrome os sucks)

Yeah sorry save data doesn’t carry over when playing the browser version 

(1 edit)

The shattered shot + swain combo is broken, not broken as in OP, but broken as in, lags the game massively, in the wetlands levels, i picked it up as the swain without homing or ricocchet and a single hit into a group of hedges floodet 1/5 of my screen with ring of thorns projectiles the size of my own character and caused the game to freeze and crash.

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