An action rogue-like about garden plants facing off against hungry pests.

Spend the day exploring the zones and hunting for loot, but watch out for when night falls... beware the Astral Sharks!

Find loot by destroying hedges, but be aware that you may find some unwanted pests instead!

Collect lots of synergetic items, blast through challenging bosses and unlock a slew of different characters with various playstyles!


70+ items!

4 worlds!

Lots of bosses!

7 completely unique characters

50+ achievements!

Tight, high action gameplay!


Update v3.1 & v3.2

10 new items! 

2 new challenges!


Update v3.0

8 new enemies across the game!

Loads of major balance changes and bug fixes

2 new items!


Update v2.10

Hourglass Roots have appeared 

New rare treasure crystals

A new item

New world map in the pause menu


Check out the discord to keep up with development!

Donations are greatly appreciated!

If you like the game make sure to leave a nice rating!

Enjoy! Thanks for playing!


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In the version 3.2, i like the new rocket item that allows to shoot seeker rockets that are always homing into the position of my cursor.

Also when beating a boss, the first item dropped is the same all the time and its the second item that gets randomized, thats actually a good middle ground between the older versions where all the loot drops from the boss are randomized, and the new versions, where all the items that the boss drops on death always stay the same.

Both the item that increases the power of status effects and the item that increases the duration of status effects are neat.


(2 edits)

The 6 new items are interesting, especially the item that gives me an extra weapon to fire with, although since the extra weapons shots are aiming in the same direction im aiming at, rather than aiming at the same place im aiming at, the item requires to pick up enough homing items to the point where aiming becomes obsolete, to make best use of those gattling guns, i like that the shots from the item mirror the attributes of my main guns shots, (damage per attack, attacks per shot, shots per second, etc etc). The item that gives extra gattling guns is ok.

The item that increases my shots accuracy is nice too.

For some reason the magnet plants attribute to repel enemy shots has no affect on enemy shots, at one point in my after my 3rd loop when i picked up the ability upgrade item already around 7 times, i used the duplicate ability to duplicate the magnet plant as often as i could, even after picking the item up 8 times (the original item and its 7 duplicates), it had no affect.

The rockoli needs a buff, at best, its useless, and at worse the rockoli make the performance of the bloodcoli worse, because since it doesnt blocks enemy shots, each rockoli acts like a gap in my ring of bloodcolis trough wich enemy shots can slip trough.

 If the damage of the rockoli was increased by my own shots damage, instead of staying at only 0,2 damage per hit, just like the shots with the bloodcoli, the rockoli might be usefull.

I like the challenge with the nuclear shots.

I like that the items in the shop now include the poppy flower, the new range increasing item and the ability power increasing item.

Sadly, the shop has only 4 item slots and 3 heart slots and each item gets refilled only twice.

Since the shop can have so many different items, 2 rows of items, 4 items per row and 4 slots for buying hearts would be nice.

Also i remember when the cholla, the class with the sword was able to 1shot bees and other low health enemies at the beginning, than the damage was nerfed to require 2 hits, but than you nerfed the damage further, now the initial damage is too low, please re-increase it.

Also when i pick up enough items that increase my range as the cholla, below a certain range, my attacks no longer hit targets, something to close that minimum range would be nice.

And an item that decreases spread, not only when im standing still, but also when im moving would be nice too.

Thanks for the feedback! 

this is the best roguelike i have played yet on itch io, with a fun item system, broken abilities with a balanced system, also, HOW THE HE** are you supposed to get past even level 1 of endless, let alone the 3 loops? (even with camila the bountiful i get blasted into dust by endless)

Thanks that’s really kind! 

I’ll look into making endless easier, it’s definitely received a heavy increase in difficulty since v3.0

Do you think the difficulty is coming from enemies/bosses/tiles having too much hp, not getting enough hp, too many bullets to avoid and/or prices being too high?

Thanks for playing!

i think that the hedge health is fine, then again i did have pretty large damage, but its really the prices and bullets. the HP ramp on enemies is also i think at a good level for the first loop

i found out how to get to loop 3, just started loop 2, u need to get an OP springleaf build and then just not charge ur bots, collecting cursed items still gives u some power spikes, but no shoot, no absurd bullet hell that is endless mode when u use springleaf

i got bomber and swain, bomber isn't that great B/C he can kill himself with bombs, but swain, with his unique HP mechanics and boomerang has insane potential, i just need to be lucky enough to unleash that potential

potential unleashed, made it to concheror, but the big boi crab, no matter how much i tried, cannot die to the rangs

(1 edit)

In the 3.0 version, I like the new item that upgrades my classes ability and 2 of the new enemies, that spawn small enemies.

I really dislike the Blue octopus enemy that constantly shoots at me, the other enemies that fire more than one shot in a short time at me have atleast a cooldown between their barrages and/or spread, and the new enemies that fire shots that are groups of bullets are annoying, as those shots can somehow bypass even a circle of broccolis.

Also i really hate that when i kill a boss, if press escape, click on exit and than click on continue, the boss drops the same items, no matter how many times i do that, the main loot that the boss drops, never changes, sometimes there is a second item that has a chance to be dropped.

Also, for some reason, items that increase how many bullets/attacks i fire per shot, those items decrease my shots range and if i have a high ammount of bullets per shot, than homing seems to do nothing.

The new enemies fire shots that are for some reason immune to the magnet plants shot repelling attribute, no matter how many of that item i pick up.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll get to work on these
I'm hoping to have a new version later today 

Fortunately its only the web version that has the freezing problems, the download version is fine, i think chrome doesn't likes the game.

(4 edits)

The new version is, atleast for me, less stable.

When i press the escape button and press on quit and try to go continue, to restart the level, because of no good items from bosses, or not finding good loot from chests.

There is a good chance that my game freezes and crashes.

Either at the screen that says "press any key", or after pressing any key, or after clicking on continue, or in the shop level.

In my second loop in the wetlands, my game has very good chances to freeze and crash for no reason.

That's really strange, I'll look into it soon

The fact it's happening seemingly at random times is alarming 

What if every class had an exclusive item, not only springleaf?

For Thicket an item to slightly increase the abilities range and reduce the cool down by half a second.

For Camellia allow the repeated use of the ability to duplicate, but every time after the first time empties one heart with only the first use per level being for free.

For Cholla item to actually increase the range of the attacks, each time its picked up, like a sword lily.

Because even after finding and picking it up 3 times in a level and several times before and after, the range did not increased even a tiny bit.

For Alocasia, an item that, each its picked up, increases how much mobility is not lost when, using the ability to heal.

I still remember when that ability cut my mobility in half, instead of fully removing my movement.

For Jack, an item that increases the maximum amount of flames that can be carried at the same time.

And for Swain, an item to decrease how many hearts are emptied and how many temporary hearts are removed when taking damage.

Whats the point of having 4 hearts and 4 temporary hearts, if a single hit leaves me with literally only one heart?

FINALLY UNLOCKED THE NEW CHARACTER and i have no idea how to use it without dying repeatedly.

(2 edits)

The first time i played with the springleaf in the new 2.9.4 version i thought that the laser now can deal a tiny bit of damage, its on the second play trough, that i realised that its the shattered shot item that allows the laser to deal damage.

Not only does the shots no longer cause those chain reactions that overwhelmes the game, causing lag and ghost versions of certain enemies to spawn in.

Now the laser that normally deals not damage, can deal damage, just like in the toxic laser challenge. 

Improving 2 things by changing a single item, awesome.

Also thanks for listening to my ideas and suggestions.

No problem, glad to hear the game is back to being more stable and bug free

I really appreciate the feedback as well!  

Also the version on crazy games isn't getting updated as fast.

Yeah there’s nothing I can do about that, it needs to be approved by a QA team

I’ll announce in the discord when it gets updated 

There are 3 things in regard to poison that i have to say.

1. I really like the toxic laser challenge, i wish i could get the unique item that allows the laser to destroy hedges outside the challenge.

2.What if the poison item was buffed?

For example, after picking it up the first time, every additional time its picked up, not only does the damage gets increased, but also the duration of the poison gets increased a little bit?

Maybe even make it that the poison item increases the damage and the duration for the bloodgrass item?

3. What if the plant disease item would cause the poison effect to spread among nearby enemies, like the ricochet item, but only for the poison effect?

3rd world boss Loop 2 on wen version freezes and i can't get any further

(4 edits)

What if shattered shot was changed in the way that amount of shots that are spawned on hit are tied to how many times the player picks the item up in that run?

If i pick the item up only once, every shot that hits a hedge or enemy would spawn one additional shot, if i pick up the shattered shot a second time, on hit two additional shots would be spawned and so on.

The problem with shattered shot is, that shots will not only destroy hedges but also multiply them self, causing a chain reaction that can wreck easily dozens of hedges AND kill all the enemies that were revealed by the destruction of said hedges. It looks like its slef multiplying sometimes, i might be wrong.

In the first loop that is not a problem yet, except in the wetlands level with that red snail that spawns worms on death, the snail gets spawned in and dies so fast, spawning much more worms than normal, which all instantly die.

Combined with the chain reaction like destruction of way too many hedges way too fast and the death of anything that hid inside them, the game starts lagging and  the game forgets to delete enemies once they die.

Past the first loop when more enemies hide in the hedges, it gets worse, to the point that the game freezes and sometimes crashes.

Hey, this game is awesome!! I loved the graphics and the controls. It's well-balanced and just super satisfying destroying the walls and finding out what's beneath them. I first played it on CrazyGames.

I have a similarish game, and I'd love to hear your opinion

i tried to play the new update and all my save data was gone (i play online cuz chrome os sucks)

Yeah sorry save data doesn’t carry over when playing the browser version 

(1 edit)

The shattered shot + swain combo is broken, not broken as in OP, but broken as in, lags the game massively, in the wetlands levels, i picked it up as the swain without homing or ricocchet and a single hit into a group of hedges floodet 1/5 of my screen with ring of thorns projectiles the size of my own character and caused the game to freeze and crash.

(8 edits)

I have 4 things to say.

1. it feels like chests are getting a tiny bit more and more rare with each update

2. for some reason the chola seems to have a hardcap on maximum rate of fire that normal items cant bypass and a maximum range that the iceflower item cant increase, even though picking up items that increase the damage seem to increase the reach of the sword swings.

3.Its good that the swains attack range is now fixed, but i still loose all but one health if i get hit and take damage and the chance to block damage mechanic is interesting.

What if the swain had an unique item that reduces how many hearts i loose when i take damage? Just like the springleaf has an unique item that increases the ammount of shooting bots.

Also for some reason when playing as the swain, the iceflower item seems to be more rare than when playing as the other classes while the sprout item seems to be more common in the shop.

4. I wish the baby carrot item would not increase my shots spread, normally when picking up the baby carrot item, my shots have already big spread, no reason to increase that even further if im moving.

I played the web version, and the shattered ceramic if you get enough(3+) they kill the enemies so fast they are ghosts (Invincible but can still attack), And if you get a shit ton(6+) of the shattered, your game just breaks, so warning I think 5 is the limit

Actually, its the really high amount of projectiles that causes the lag, for example, if i have a really high rate of fire, from 3 times gattlingun item + high rate of fire in general + homing + ricochet, picking the shattered shot item even once can crash the game when fighting the wollum toad and its 4 minions.

Those ghosts enemies are invisible, not invincible, by shooting at the position from which the ghost fires, you can kill them, fortunately only ranged enemies can become ghosts. 

Also in the wetlands levels, where enemies are the most likely to become ghosts, the floor is covered in water, which gets disturbed when the player and most enemies move, making it easier to figure out where to aim at, and the only flying enemy shoots constantly behind itself when moving, which gives away its position.

Sorry about that bug, hoping to have a chance to fix it soon

I really love the vibe of the swamp area, and I wish every area felt like that

Perfection cannot be improved upon? False. Forebloomed just got an update.

the magnet plant doesn't work at all since you fixed the glitch, please fix it so it works but doesn't delete enemy attacks. please.

(2 edits)

The magnet plant works, it makes enemy projectile slower until they are not moving anymore and than they are moving away from you, faster enemy projectile require more magnet plants.

For example, in the first world the pinkish tumor like thing with tentacles that fires projectiles that destroys hedges? 2 magnet plants will slows those shots and than makes them move away from you.

about 5-6 magnet plants makes things a bit easier, in regards to ranged enemies.

I do agree that the repelling effect could be stronger, not as strong as it was when picking it up once fully repelled any projectile, but it needs a buff, to be able to repel most projectiles after a distance of 3-4 hedges, if the magnet plant is picked up 3-4 times.

(1 edit)

I have 3 things to say about this new update.

1. I like that the bomb pods now no longer require me to be in close range to work, that was the main problem.

2. The new class sucks, loosing all but one hearts on hit, regardless of how many i have, including temporary ones, sucks.

The swains power is terrible, sacrificing almost all my hearts, including temporary ones for some gold is not good, the new classes weapon is a flower boomerang, what if the swains power was, for the shots to home in to the position im aiming, for a short time? Also, reducing the cost to empty only one heart.

Requiring to move the opposite direction in which i aim to get any serious range with my shots is an awkward and awful design.

3. In the wetland levels, the snails with the red spiked shells are awful.

They destroy hedges with their shots, revealing enemies, including more snails, making any well planed advance futile, unless i have so much firepower that i can wreck any boss in a couple of seconds.

But also, when they die they release those annoying dark greenish worms that are rather easy to overlook and if i kill a group of 5 or 6 snails at the same time, if i have high firepower it seems like each snail dies multiple times in a single instant, because they will spawn so many worms, that the game starts lagging.

The wetlands utilizing the first 2 bosses is an interesting idea, except that those bosses are the same size.

With the boss of the first world, the katydid is fine, since it has roughly the same size as me if i dont pick up items that make me smaller, but the boss of the second world, the scolopendra is way too huge for the wetlands map and doesn't even fit color palette wise.

A fully sized huge enemy that is brightly  golden like the scolopendra popping out of a single hedge in a rather dark colored level is not so good.

Also, if i have high firerate, multiple projectiels per shot and also bomb pods, shooting the scolopendra will lag the game so bad, that i have to restart, atleast if i play in browser.

I hope that wall of text is not too much.

This is a lot of great feedback

A lot of the things here I can fix without too much hassle

I agree that Swain needs a rework however, the health system isn’t very fun and was kind of rushed

I’ll try and fix all of these this weekend if I can 

I have an idea for  a class, a mushroom that could have the name cordy, a reference to Ophiocordyceps that infects and mind controls insects.

That mushrooms ability would be, to empty a heart, or if the player has only temporary hearts, to spend one, to revive a killed enemy as a zombie to fight, kill, take damage and die for the player.

That former enemy would color swap the pallet, to avoid confusion and would not leave the player until either it, or the player dies.

Also, when reviving a boss enemy, the former enemy boss would shrink down, to regular enemy size.

Is there a special way to kill the sharks, or do I just need more damage?

You’ll need a very heavy amount of damage yeah 

ok melee character is overpowered when given a single burst pot, and like fifty of those hose things that lessen damage alot but up lower the cooldown of your slash. so you just rapid slash while dealing tons of damage. Using rage mode you can shred any boss in seconds. ITS SO OP!

I dont know if this is a feature or a bug, but alocasia's arrows boomerang back causing some very broken combs late game. for example i have gotten to 52527 kill (im still playing this run) and 110827 coins/bugs. Sorry if im wrong but many thanks anyway and its a great game overall, thank you

Also the magnet makes the enemies bullets not move at all

Weird I thought I fixed this bug, I’ll take another look at it thanks 

(1 edit)

thanks for looking at it!

If its the magnet plant that makes enemy bullets not move, thats because it has 2 attributes, one that increases the distance from which hearts and golds are pulled towards the players and the second one, that is supposed to work against enemy bullets, it literally says "repel pest shots", that sentence used to mean nothing, now it works, the problem is, that its way too strong.

If it only decreased the speed of enemy shots to some degree every time when picked up, instead of fully negating it, it would be a good item.

Yeah that’s the intended effect, haven’t had a chance to fix it in a while but I hope to soon 

(1 edit)

Thanks for removing the nerf on the bloodccoli.

The cholas new ability rage mode is better than the previous shield ability, but sadly, the extra damage becomes after a while obsolete.

Because items that increase the rate and items that increase the damage both already make the attacks rather powerfull on their own.

There are a lot less items that increase range, what if, the cholas ability was to temporary double the swords range?

Since the sword can reflect shots to kill enemies with, what if that was more utilisied?

For example killing a small enemy with a reflected shot causes the dead enemy to drop a temporary heart, that lasts until the player leaves the level and since every boss enemy shoots ranged shots, what if a boss killed with a reflected shot dropped an additional item?

That would reward the player for being patient and using a little bit of strategy, waiting for the enemy to make the first move, rather than go into the fight guns blazing.

Also, i wish there was an item in chests and the shop that allowed me to see the blood pools from far away, by pointing arrows?

This game has quite a lot of bugs tbh

Can you let me know which ones you've seen so I can get rid of them?

Beetles, centipedes, bees

The new update is interesting and i want to point out 5 things.

1. The wollum toad only takes damage when it turns orange/red, giving the boss a shielding bubble as a visual indicator that its temporary invincible would make it easier for players to recognize when to wait until the enemie becomes vulnerable to damage.

2. That nerf to the bloodccoli was unnecessary, if you really think that its OP, change the ranged bullets into short ranged melee attacks.

3. The baby carrots seem weaker, both the upside of more accuracy when standing still and the downside of less accuracy when moving.

4. I like that every class has an ability, except the ability of the Chola, the shield seems to end a little bit before the ability is fully on recharge. Was the Cholas immunity to bombs removed?

5. I like how the boss of the second world, the Cholopendra tries to encircle me, actually using its length as an asset.

Thanks this is great feedback!

I appreciate all the help you've been!

I'll get to work on those suggestions

(1 edit)

The Brute force item is terrible, if i pick it up, im using the key to open up chests, regardless if i could afford them with the gold or not.

Thats aweful, it would be way better if it only used up keys to open normal chests if the player cant afford to use gold to open them.

Also i have an idea for an item that shows nearby sacrifical pools with a red arrow pointing to them, named "Bloodhound".

That’s a pretty good item idea

I’ll see it I’m able to make it

The brute force item now is usable, nice.

Sadly for some reason the final boss, the wollum toad is not affected by my attacks, my shots pass trough, dealing no damage, even after i killed the 4 other enemies in the arena.

Oh weird I’ll take a look into that thanks 

(3 edits)

Now it seems the increase of rate of fire when picking the dandelion is lower, still high, but not too high, now its balanced. The shots dont look very floaty. Nevermind, forgot that i picked up items that make my shots faster, lol. The dandelion item is balanced.

(1 edit)

The dandelion item is a little too strong, if i pick it up once i already get a good firerate, but if i pick it a second time, i get a machinegun. It feels like that item doubles my current rate of fire.

I think the downside "floaty shots" is supposed to decrease how fast my shots move? It does nothing.

For some reason i cant fire when playing as alocasia, the bow doesnt charges the shot.

Just fixed!
Also a new character! 


It works, thanks.

Also the new characters ability is like the bomb pods, but actually useful for combat, not only because they work when i want them to but also because it acts like a shield when not used, really nice.

I have discovered why all the bees are dying. There's this potted succulent going around with a gun

When the golden bugs combine they just disappear. Love the update though. 

(3 edits)

What if Camelias duplicate ability could be used on items in the store, although both the original item and its duplicate would have to be bought separately, allowing the user to buy an item for the shop twice.

or maybe the duplicated one is free but the other isnt, you have to save the charge from one floor to the shop , meaning that the floor before the shop duplicate wasnt used on

The two new items, the broccoli and the fake broccoli do nothing they only appear in the chill area where the merchant is, even if i take the broccoli item outside the area with the merchant, nothing happens.

Just released an update which fixes this and makes Cholla immune to bombs


It works, nice, finally a way to use the bomb pods.

bomb pods with the sword guy makes you basically lose the run, it explodes sometimes when you hit stuff, hurting you, id either make the explosions weaker but not damage you, or make them only activate on bullets

Another idea is, to give the class with the sword the ability to do a stab by pressing Q that hits only what directly is aimed and what is behind the target with twice range with the center of the explosion from bomb pods to be the farthest away hit enemy/hedge

Instead of hitting the targeted enemy and nearby enemies/hedges left and right, it hits the targeted enemy/hedge and enemies/hedge farther behind the front target.

That would allow to use the bomb pods without having to take selfdamage.

This game has got a lot more content and changes over the few weeks it has been up, and it is truly a game you could lose many hours to. I have found a lot of fun in completing all the achievements and doing self-imposed challenges. There is also a looping system for anyone who really wants a power fantasy. Anytime I have started to get board of the game, new content for it comes out.

I have put a good 30ish hrs into this game so far, which should speak a lot for a game that's been out for such a short time.

why cant my ranged attacks pierce hedges, no matter how many pierce items i take, even the arrows from the new classes Alocasia cant pierce them.

(1 edit)

Pierce no longer works on hedges, it was too overpowered so it only works on enemies now

(3 edits)

well for normal shots that makes sense, but why does this includes arrows from Alocasia?

Isnt shooting arrows that pierce everything that classes thing?

What if the piercing scaled with charge, so the more a shot is charged, the more hedges the arrows pierces?

Also maybe the reason that piercing was so overpowered was, that shots pierced hedges, regardless if the shot did enough damage to destroy the previous hedgde. What if shots would only pierce and go trough hedges if the shots damage is higher than the hedges health?

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